Weekend Eats and Halloween/Christening Goodness!

November 2, 2015

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend! This weekend was a very exciting one, not only did we have Halloween but we christened Baby S! I hope you enjoy the (mostly food) highlights! 

 Friday started off with a trip to Whole Foods. I sipped on a large fresh squeezed OJ while I shopped.

 Saturday, before heading down to visit family at the shore, we got lunch at Fresh Press Juice Co. Acai bowls all around!

 The girls were very excited for Halloween! Baby S was a strawberry and Little A was Elsa, of course!

 Our last stop for the day was my Mother-in-law's where she had a delicious vegan feast for us! She is vegan, so eating at her house is always nice. I started with veggies and gluten free crackers with hummus.

 She made a yummy vegan caesar salad with nori in it.

 After that we had gluten free, vegan pizza! Mine was topped with sauce, mushrooms and eggplant.

 My family gives Little A "mommy approved" treats for Halloween. Here is her stash.

 My mom even made vegan chocolate pumpkins for her.

 On Sunday, we celebrated Baby S' Christening! 

 After the ceremony we had a little party at a local Italian restaurant. I made sure they had lots of vegan/gluten free options since 5 people in my family eat that way. I started with a little tasting of marinated eggplant (which was to live for!) and fresh tomatoes and red onion.

 Following that we had a few pizza pies. One was gluten free and cheeseless. 

 Following that, gluten free pasta with tomato sauce and garlic.

 After that was a vegetable plate. Everyone who didn't eat "my way" had pizzas, pasta, and other non-vegan dishes we got for the table. 

 The vegan/gluten free crew even got cupcakes from Papa Ganache vegan bakery! 


The weekend was so special and so delicious, as you can see! :)


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