No Colon Still Rollin' for 2 Years!

November 6, 2015

Sunday will be two years since my first surgery, two years of living without a colon and two years pain free!

I can't believe how fast the time as gone. During this time Little A started school, my brother got married, I got pregnant, had a baby, my sister in law got pregnant and had a baby and now my sister will have a baby sometime in late December/early January. I can't believe all this events happened right before my eyes in what seemed like such a short amount of time. I am so grateful that I got to experience all these things without being sick. All the events that I had to get through either sick or embarrassed at my looks on steroids, it's so good to be on the other side.

 Feeling the love with my girls

I haven't had one issue since my colon was removed, haven't had one stomachache, and haven't taken any medication. This is truly freeing.

Today and everyday, I celebrate from freedom from Ulcerative Colitis. I feel so blessed to have my life back and to be able to enjoy it in every way knowing how lucky I am.


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