Meal Planning 101

November 11, 2015

Hey! Do you plan your meals? I started making meal plans many years ago, even before Little A was born. I like to plan ahead and be prepared. I've found we save money and time this way. I only have to go to the grocery store once a week and I don't need to put energy into figuring out what to have for dinner. I use to do this on paper but now with the iPhone, I use my notes and type it up.

Every week I keep a page in notes where I will add things we need when I realize we need them. For example, we are almost out of coconut oil, so instead of waiting until I make my official grocery list, I will type it in when I realize we are low. Then by the time I'm making my actual list, I can just add what we need for specific meals.

Below my list, I put the days of the week and what we have each day. We have a few staples each week which makes my life even easier. On Tuesdays we have "Taco Tuesday",on Thursday we have take out (see my healthy takeout ideas here) and on Friday we usually have chickpeas with kale, tomato sauce, olives and rice. On Mondays in the Summer, we have salads with veggie burgers, now we usually have some type of soup. For the other days I usually browse Pinterest, blogs and Instagram for ideas. When I have free time during the week, I will open up Pinterest and pin a few yummy looking meals. When I'm making my menu, I'll go back and see what I've recently pinned and write down the ingredient list.

 (Chickpea/potato soup to warm us up on a Monday)

If we don't feel like that particular meal on that night, we just switch it with a different day. Everyone is always excited for Taco Tuesday so that never changes. ;)

 (Taco Tuesday always delivers)

I haven't become totally organized though, T likes to have the list in order or departments when he goes shopping (which is extremely rare), but making a menu plan definitely helps keep my time spent shopping to a minimum and I tend to come home with less things that I don't need. ;)

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