10 Thanksgiving Ideas That Don't Involve Turkey

November 13, 2015

When celebrating Thanksgiving, there is a lot of emphasis on eating a dead bird. Eek! Not for me or Little A. So instead, I put extra emphasis on the gratitude part. Here are some other things I plan on doing with Little A to show her what ThanksLiving is really about.


1. Sponsor a turkey. There are a few websites that do this. Here is our favorite.

2. Write a list of gratitudes. Little A writes now, so I'll tell her the letters and she can make the list (good for her writing skills too).

3. Make healthy/plantbased Thanksgiving food. We usually make the cranberry relish, and help my Mother-in-law with the other food. She makes a vegan version of everything (she eats vegan as well). This year Little A will really help out. She loves being in the kitchen with me. We also ordered a vegan, gluten free pumpkin by from my local juice spot!

4. Share your blessings around the table. Every year we go around saying what we are thankful for. This is a nice tradition that gives the true meaning to thanksgiving.

5. Roast pumpkin seeds from you Halloween pumpkin. Or chestnuts!

6. Take a family walk after dinner. Great way to get some movement instead of falling into a food coma.


7. Make a cornucopia. I like to fill a nice basket on the table with seasonal fruit. Persimmons, apples and pears are a must.

8. Pick some pretty leaves to decorate the table.

9. Take a break from your phone! This one will apply to the adults. Including me. I'm guilty!

10. Say I love you and let your family know how much they mean to you.



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