Baby S Update: Month 4

November 16, 2015

I can't believe it's already time for another monthly update for Baby S! She is such an easy baby that the months just seem to fly. As much as I loved when Little A was this small, the time did not go as fast. The days and nights were long and exhausting. When I think back to her at 4 months old, I think that was when things started to get easier. It could also be that I've done it before, so it's not as scary, hard, exhausting but Baby S truly is a calm, peaceful, happy baby. I recently read about "Reishi Babies", there was a study done on babies who's mother's took reishi while pregnant and these babies all were incredibly calm, rarely cried and were aware of their surroundings. Well, that's my Baby S!! I had heard that reishi made for calm babies so I did take it throughout my pregnancy. I didn't use it daily but sometimes weekly, other times every few weeks. All depending on if I remembered to add it to my smoothies. I also drank those Rebbl Reishi chocolate drinks, so I'm sure that helped. I suggest speaking with your doctor before starting any supplement or herb while pregnant or breastfeeding.



Things we did this month/milestones:

Baby S had her Christening! She was awake during the whole ceremony and only cried a little when the water was poured on her head. After that, I nursed her and she slept for her entire party!


First time pumpkin picking. We went to a local spot and picked out a few pumpkins. One big one and two littles ones.

First birthday party. We had my nieces 3rd birthday party at a kids gym. Baby S hung out and watched all the big kids. She wore her kitty cat outfit because it was a costume party.


First Halloween! Baby S was a strawberry, and really didn't mind her costume. She was all smiles when I put it on her. She visited family for many photo ops.


First parade. Okay this wasn't a full on parade but more like Little A's school parade. ;)

Talks. A lot! Baby S talks up a storm now. No real words yet, but she will carrying on a conversation with me in baby language. Haha!


Stays in tummy time for a long time. I was surprised to see her lay on her tummy for a long time before rolling over. She usually doesn't even cry anymore while on her stomach. She'll be crawling before I know it!

Full head control. She still has some moments of "woah", but for the most part, she holds her head up like a big girl now.


Responds to her name. I'm not sure if she knows her name or is just looking at me because I'm talking, but when I say her name, she looks every time.


Stuff we are loving:

The Cozy Cover. Now that it's getting colder, I use this cover a lot. It keeps her in a little insulated cover without having to use a jacket. Since it is unsafe to have a child in a car seat with a coat, this is the best option since it goes over her car seat, not under the straps. I put a blanket on top of her lap before putting the cover on. Side note: Little A takes her coat off before buckling in.

Her soft organic bunny rattle. She loves to chew on this. I only give her things to chew on that don't have chemical on them and this one is nice and soft so she enjoys it. (I never give her anything small obviously. Mostly, organic burp clothes, her own hand, my hand and her Sophie giraffe).


How I'm doing:

Very well! My two year anniversary of having my colon removed was this month and I feel better than ever. I'm all recovered from my csection as far as I can tell. My scar is very light and below my bikini line, same spot as the one I had from Little A, but for some reason it seems even smaller now. My doc said that could be because they basically used the same spot and "re did it". I guess he did a better job this time around being that it wasn't an emergency csection.

I hit a small plateau where I didn't lose any weight for almost a month. Things seem to be moving along again. I'm still doing my workouts and getting in as much movement as possible with a 4 year old and a baby. I'm pretty tired lately. Not because I am not sleeping but mostly because I've been going to bed late and waking up early. I think the time change effected me more than it did the girls. ;)

 Until next month!

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