Weekend Food and Fun

November 18, 2015

Hi! Since I shared Baby S' 4 month update on Monday, I am sharing our weekend today.. I hope you enjoy! 

 On Friday, I was running errands most of the day, so during my stop at Whole Foods I got a little pick-me-up. These Health Warrior Chia Bars are very good, Little A really likes the Chocolate Peanut Butter one. I enjoy a nice booster shot at the end of the week. Hoping it keeps away any yuckies. 

 I bought Chao vegan cheese for Little A to try. I made her a grilled cheese (her first) with two slices and some organic spelt bread. She really enjoyed!

 Saturday morning started off with a workout and a smoothie. This was bananas, dates, nettle tea cooled over night, Sunwarrior Warrior Blend, black strap molasses, spinach, Oceans Alive and vitamink2/d drops. 

 For lunch we stopped at Fresh Press Juice Co. T and I had acai bowls and granola bars (he also had a red lentil soup) and Little A had a banana whip (not pictured).

 After that we needed to do our monthly Costco trip. On the way we stopped at an overlook spot and took a few pictures. What a beautiful fall day!

 Here are some of the goodies from Costco. I forgot to get coconut and olive oil! DOH! And they were out of chia seeds (or I couldn't find them). So I am sure we will be back before next month.

 On Saturday night I got a break from the kitchen when my father-in-law invited us to dinner. We went to a local Italian restaurant. I had a salad with pine nuts, red onion, tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplant.

 And gluten free pasta with white beans, tomatoes and broccoli rabe. Baby S slept most of the time, which was nice.

 On Sunday, I started out with superfood cereal and a tonic made with Dandy Blend, cacao, stevia, and almond butter (I didn't have almond milk, so this worked). 

 We hit up Deans during our travels where I had Tuscan White Bean and Spinach Soup, a Rebbl Maca Mocha, coconut water and vegan coleslaw. 

 I ended the day with more hydration. This Sap on Tap with ginger and lime is so warming and refreshing. Yum! I made spaghetti squash with tomato sauce for dinner, but it was dark so I didn't take a pic. 


That was our weekend! I hope you had a nice one as well! XO


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