Chocolate Round-Up

November 20, 2015

Recently I struck gold! Three separate companies offered/agreed to send me chocolate to try. As you probably already know, I'm a huge fan of good quality, organic, raw/high raw chocolate/cacao. So needless to say, I was stoked! Below is a small review of each chocolate I received. Chocolate kisses! XO

Addictive Wellness: I had been seeing this chocolate here and there on social media and obviously the packaging drew me in. My friend Kristen sent me a tweet that included them suggesting they send me some chocolate to try. They have a Kickstarter going right now so they can bring their chocolate to more spots. When I received the chocolate, Little A tore open to packages (and of course loved the unicorn on the front), and we both tried. Little A gave it two thumbs up, as did I. This chocolate has medicinal mushrooms in it and three different flavors each for a different this, beauty, energy and tranquility. I figure the tranquility would be great when I want some chocolate before bed. ;) The box does contain and breastfeeding and pregnant warning because of the herbs, so unfortunately I can only consume in small portions.


What I like about it: Addictive Wellness has added benefits of medicinal mushrooms, the packaging, the fact that it's sugar free, soy free, dairy free, gluten free, non-GMO, preservative free, fair trade. I liked them so much that I backed their Kickstarter program.

The taste: Soft, smooth, not too sweet.

This would be my favorite chocolate for Little A to consume since it is sugar free and filled with superfoods.

Nibmor: Someone from their Instagram account contacted me on there and said they'd love to send me their new line to try out. Obviously, I immediately emailed them. They sent me a few pieces of their Daily Dose of Dark, and a blueberry, cherry and cacao nib bar. Little A loves their Daily Doses of Dark because they come in a small individual package.


What I like about it: Nibmor cherry and blueberry bars were my favorite! So flavorful. The cherry one reminds me of the chocolate covered cherries that you'd find in a chocolate box as a kid. Non-GMO, dairy free, filled with superfoods and the benefits of dark chocolate.

The taste: Rich, smooth, flavorful, soft and sweet.

This is the kind of chocolate I would keep in my purse for when I'm out and need a sweet treat.

A Purified Life Superfood Chocolate: I follow Giovanna on Instagram and she had recently posted about her superfood chocolates so I asked if she would send me a sample to try. She was very kind and contacted me back very fast. She sent me one bar that is infused with superfoods to enhance energy, reduce stress and support immunity. All sounds good to me!


What I like about it: A Purified Life Chocolates have medicinal mushrooms, are free of dairy, refined sugars, gluten and soy. They are also handcrafted by Giovanna herself. They are also organic.

The taste: smooth, soft, sweet, rich, strong.

This is the kind of chocolate I like to enjoy after dinner. A great palate cleanser with the added benefits of superfoods.

Thank you to all of these companies for sending me your chocolate to try. It was my pleasure to taste and review every one of them.

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