What Little A Ate Wednesday

December 2, 2015

Hey All! Today I have a "What I Ate Wednesday" post featuring what Little A ate in one day! Let me know if you guys like posts like this, I am always making Little A yummy food, I would love to share!

 Lately, she has been loving smoothies for breakfast, sometimes along side a gluten free, organic, vegan waffle and sometimes alone like on this day. This was bananas, Sunwarrior protein, a little chaga powder, Oceans Alive drops, Vitamin d/K2 drops, coconut oil, water and black strap molasses.

 A little while later she had an almond milk yogurt. This is the current brand she likes.

 With lunch she had sprouted crackers and celery with hummus. She had eaten some of the celery before I snapped a picture. She also had more after.

 Before school she had a grilled "cheese" with organic spelt bread and Chao vegan cheese. At school she had an organic apple sauce and some bananas and strawberries that her teacher provided. 

 After school she wanted more hummus, this time with cucumbers sprinkled with pink salt.

 For dinner: quinoa pasta with lots of olive oil and broccoli rabe. She complained for a little, but ate the whole bowl. Even had more for lunch the next day.

 At bedtime, she likes to have a snack, this day was a big bowl of dried purple mulberries. I took this picture after she ate most of them. 


So that was a day of food for Little A! I hope you enjoyed!


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