Busy Weekend: Peppa Pig and Reunion

December 7, 2015

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend! We have been busy, busy! This was our weekend..

 Late last week we went to see Peppa Pig Live with Little A. 

 (That's a smoothie stand!!!)

 As you can see, she really enjoyed it!

 Baby S stayed at my parents house. On the way back there we grabbed a quick dinner at the health food store. I made myself a salad with tofu, beans, olives and veggies and a side of vegan split pea soup.

 On Friday, I made a quick Trader Joes run for some goodies. This was everything I bought. Little A loves applesauce (as you can see) and the bread is for her and T. 


 For dinner I made a nice little mix of kale, tomato sauce and chickpeas with brown rice and baked tofu (the one I got at Whole Foods heated in a pan with olive oil). 


 On Saturday we had lots of boring errands to run. But for dinner I made something that was easy peasy and so yummy! I bought cornmeal pizza crusts and topped them with tomato sauce, fresh basil and tomatoes. So good!

 On Sunday, we had a family reunion for T's family. I figured there may not be much for Little A and I to eat there so we stopped at Dean's Market beforehand for Gingerbread smoothies.

 At the party I had a plate of veggies with hummus, some olives, beans and veggies.

 I also made a salad and topped it with the marinated veggies.

 Baby S and I at the reunion.

 Finally, the weekend ended with the finishing touches on our outdoor Christmas decor. Tonight we are decorating our tree! YAY!





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