A Festive Weekend

December 14, 2015

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend! Ours was very festive! The weather here has been very unseasonably warm! Yesterday was 70 and Saturday was 65! I am not complaining, it's so nice to have a warm December. 


 On Friday night, we drove around looking at Christmas lights. We had some yummy tonics to bring with us. For Little A, Cocoa Mojo with So Delicious Coconut Whip; for T, I used Dara's Energy Tonic with coconut creamer, coconut whip and pumpkin spice; for myself, Dandy Blend with coconut creamer, coconut whip, vanilla stevia and pumpkin spice.

 On Saturday night, we celebrated Hanakkuh at my brother-in-law's house. My sister-in-law is half Jewish, and they invited us over to learn about the holiday. I found it to be so beautiful, and Little A loved seeing the menorah since she learned about it in school. 

 They also made us vegan, gluten free latkes! :)

 On Sunday, we were off to my brother-in-law's and sister-in-law's house again for Christmas cookie making with our cousins! Before that, we stopped at Whole Foods for lunch where I made a salad with cucumbers, olives, golden beets, kale, tofu and white beans.

 Since my sister-in-law has Celiac, we always know we will have yummy gluten free options! She also made the dough vegan for us with Cherrybrook frosting too! Little A loved making cookies, it was similar to when she plays with Play-Doh (which is her favorite thing).

 Yummy, gluten free, vegan sugar cookies! 





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