Baby S' 5 Month Update!

December 16, 2015



Time for Baby S' 5 month update! This month has been extra busy and eventful. She is such a happy baby and enjoys watching everything her big sis does, which tends to distract her a lot! She loves the lights on our Christmas tree and during all the hustle and bustle, she just sleeps! She definitely has been nursing more this month. I'm guessing she is having a growth spurt because she is keeping me up with feedings more and more at night. We cosleep so usually I just fall asleep while she's nursing away.


Things we did this month/milestones:

Rolls both ways! Before she was rolling from tummy to back but now she goes from back to tummy. Funny because once she gets in her tummy, she is mad (she isn't a big fan of tummy time) and it takes her a few minutes of grunting before she realizes she can just roll back. It's so cute!


First time celebrating Little A's birthday (which was also her first time at the mall). We had cake with family and brought Little A to pick out some toys at the mall for her 5th birthday. Baby S happily went along for the trip.


First Thanksgiving. We celebrated by visiting my sister and parents and then eating dinner with T's family. She was with her cousin who is two days older, I'm sure they'll be playing together in no time!

First Baby Shower. My sister is having a baby any week now and we threw her a shower this past month. Baby S was pretty much held by every relative that hasn't met her. She even fell asleep on my cousin.


First time meeting Santa. Baby S went right to Santa and let them take numerous pictures of her. She was a pro!

First time being away from me. My parents watched Baby S while we took Little A to see Peppa Pig Live. She refused to eat from a bottle so that was a small issue (even though she had plenty of pumped milk to drink), but besides that she did great. We were only gone for 2 hours, which was probably harder on me than on her.


First Family Reunion. We had T's family reunion so Baby S got to meet more relatives. I basically walked around with her and she eventually fell asleep on T. I'm sure the next one will be a lot different.

First Christmas Tree. Baby S watched as Little A and I decorated the tree. She loves looking at the lights. She even has her first ornament.


She has found her voice. She now has full on conversations with herself (and me). We go back and forth with baby squeals. It's pretty funny! She screeches really loud. So cute.

Stuff we are loving:


Warm hats. The cold weather brings out the warm clothes like lots of hats! Baby S has quite the collection.

The Snugabunny Bouncer. She loves sitting in the while I cook and while we eat dinner. She likes the vibration option on it.

The Ergo Carrier.  Now that Baby S is big enough, I no longer need the infant insert and it's so much better!


How I'm doing:

I have 15 pounds left to lose! This month was difficult with thanksgiving and the holidays approaching. I've either been over eating or not eating enough depending on the day. I also had a blocked milk duct which kept me in bed for a few days. That was no fun! So I missed a whole week of exercise. I got right back to it the following week. Now with Christmas coming, I'm working on getting in some extra movement because I know there will be lots of yummy food to enjoy!



Baby S' First Chirstmas is coming! All about that in her next update! XO

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