Ideas for Christmas Fun

December 18, 2015

Hi! One week until Christmas! Looking to get into the holiday spirit? Here are some fun idea and things we've done to get in to the spirit of Christmas.

Sip hot cocoa. I like to use Cocoa Mojo and add some vegan marshmallows for Little A. There are a few vegan hot cocoa mixes out there. I also like the one from NibMor.


Make an ornament. Buy a plastic (or glass) ornament, some paint, glitter, rhinestones and decorate. Don't forget to add the year!

Make vegan Christmas cookies. I'm not a baker so I like the Cherrybrook Farms gluten free mixes. I use coconut milk, coconut oil and flax "eggs".


Decorate the tree while listening to Christmas music.


Drink Nog. Califia has a delicious nog that is carageenan free! We like to add some cinnamon and So Delicious Coconut Whip.


Make holiday cards for your friends, family or someone in need. Little A loves making cards for people. Recently she made a card to send this little girl. We like to find someone special every year to send a card too.


Take a ride (or walk) and look at all the Christmas lights. We did this the other night. Little A loved seeing all the fun decorations.

Cuddle up and watch a Christmas movie. We love Elf, Home Alone and my personal favorite, Love Actually.


Happy Christmasing! ;)

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