Another Holiday Weekend

December 21, 2015

This weekend was very festive! We did a lot of Christmas shopping for our family and we baked Christmas cookies! Here are the highlights..


 Saturday morning T had to work, the girls and I got into the holiday spirit while I diffused some DoTerra Holiday Joy.

 I made Little A a "candy cane" with almond butter, bananas and raspberries. She loved this!

 My first Goddess Provisions box arrived! I was planning on doing a video of what came with it, but Little A wanted to keep the box, so I opened it to take my goodies out. I plan on doing some videos on it next month. For now this is what Decembers box came with. If you are interested in signing up, here is my affiliate link. I would appreciate you using it! :)

 I also got a lovely package from Rawxies! In case you didn't know, I am now a contributor for their blog, check out the holiday smoothie bowl recipes I shared the past couple of weeks.

 When T got home, it was almost lunch time, so before shopping we hit up Whole Foods for lunch. I made a salad with kale, pickles and chana masala. I also had a Harmless Harvest Cinnamon and Clove coconut water. This drink tastes like Christmas! 

 After shopping we were on to making cookies! I bought these two mixes along with dye free red and green sprinkles. I LOVE Purely Elizabeth's products and I have seen them in spots like Home Goods. 

 Big helper Little A.

 Although not the prettiest, they came out pretty good. I have to say, the Purely Elizabeth ones were amazing! The sugar cookies weren't as good but only because we didn't have Earth Balance so I used coconut oil. Not a good idea. Ha ha!


On Sunday, we finished up our shopping and came home for the rest of the day. I made a smoothie bowl for lunch with bananas, spinach, water, black strap molasses and carob. I topped it with coconut flakes, a drizzle of almond butter and Purely Elizabeth granola. 

 Little A insisted on wrapping Baby S' gift from her. I told her I could help her do it after dinner. But she took matters into her own hands and used tissue paper and stickers! HA HA!

 While I made dinner, I enjoyed some Live Soda Kombucha. I am still digging the Pure Doctor flavor.

 For dinner I made gluten free corn/quinoa pasta with broccoli and olives. Basically I used my recipe for broccoli rabe and pasta but with broccoli instead. 

 After dinner, we took on cookie making again. This time we followed the directions. ;) We used the Immaculate Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookie mix but with soy-free Earth Balance and a flax "egg". They came out a lot better.

 So now Santa has some vegan, gluten free, tasty cookies for when he arrives.. If they make it without being eaten by Christmas.. 



Have a lovely day! XO


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