A Reflection of 2015

December 30, 2015

I wanted to reflect a little on the year 2015. For me this was my year of growth and nurturing. In 2014, I struggled and had to pull out a lot of faith through 3 surgeries, wearing a colostomy bag and a few set backs. I knew the end would bring me peace and health and it did. The year 2015 brought me my baby girl. I had a healthy, uneventful pregnancy and labor. I nourished and believed in myself this year. This was the year of my pregnancy and birthing another beautiful being. I'm so happy with the order of events that led up to my beautiful prize. Without my 3 surgeries, I may not have Baby S. I may still be sick, on medication, I already had precancerous cells, so God only knows what would of happened to me if I didn't have my colon removed. When I got the clear to try to get pregnant, I was told that I may have issues doing so. Before my first surgery I was asked if I wanted to freeze my eggs. We agreed that we didn't think it was necessary and would hope for the best. I was told that if I didn't get pregnant within 3 months that I should consider fertility treatment. We never needed that. I was told
By my doctors that I was a "medical marvel" for getting pregnant so fast considering I may have scar tissue on my Fallopian tubes. My little miracle, Baby S has restored all my faith.



This year, Little A has grown from a little girl to a kid. I watched her face change and look more mature, I saw the little mother inside of her as she helped me take care of a newborn. I saw her become the best big sister anyone could ask for. This year brought big changes for her and she handled them like a pro.

In 2015, I saw T become a father again, which made me fall in love with him all over. He would do anything for me and the girls and he is the best Daddy to them and best husband to me.

In 2016, I hope to continue on my journey up, evolving and getting better and better. My life goal is to not be so anxious, not worry so much, not let little things get into my head. I also want to continue to work on myself and how I look through my children's eyes. I was to be a shining example to them and show them love and light and to always find the love and light. My goal is to always make them have a magical childhood.

My focus in 2014 was health and detox, in 2015 I was nurturing my unborn child and for 2016, I'm thinking restoration. I'm breastfeeding and taking care of a postpartum body so I'm all about restoring, replenishing and making sure to put the best foods in my body for my baby's benefit.


In 2016 I will be an example to others. I will be loving and caring. I will be brave and strong, loyal and a good friend, I will shine my light on others and hope they benefit from that.


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