2016 Intentions

January 1, 2016

Hello 2016! I'm so excited for a new year, a blank page, a clean slate. Although, I'm not a huge fan of "New Years Resolutions", I do like to sent intentions for the year ahead.


My first intention is to breath more. A lot of times I notice I'm not breathing. I mean, I'm breathing, but I hold it in a lot because of nerves, anxiety, stress, worry. This year I want to overcome this. I want to mediate more, breath more, journal more, live in the present.


Next, healthify my life more. I eat super healthy, but I have been lacking on the greens lately. Since I've had Baby S and the weather has gotten cooler, I'm finding myself turning to comfort foods a lot. I've traded in my salads for heavier foods like potatoes and pasta. So basically, I want to add more veg back in.. Cooked and raw. I have let go of the all raw mentality. As much as I enjoy eating a lot of raw food, my focus now is eating a whole foods plantbased diet. I'm not as rigid about not eating cooked foods during the day, I just go with what I feel like.


I always want to be a better version of by myself every year, so that is a goal I wish to maintain. I like how I have evolved and I hope to continue to grow and evolve in every way.


I hope to continue my workout goals and add more rebounding and some yoga to the mix. I would love to start going back to yoga in the year 2016 and possibly set some fitness goals to achieve.


Those are my intentions for 2016. I hope to look back next year at this time and say I accomplished them. XO

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