What I'm Eating Lately: Following Christmas

January 4, 2016

Hi All! Here are some recent eats from this past month. Thanks for reading! :)

 The day after Christmas started off with organic pressed juices that T picked up at a local grocery store. We all shared these.

 For lunch we hit up Whole Foods where I had the vegan orchid roll. The dressing is made with raspberries, it's so good! I love the black rice because it is more healthy and nutritious than brown or white. 

 Lately I have been enjoying tonics a lot. I made them "breastfeeding safe" by using Teeccino or Dandy Blend with stevia, coconut creamer and some reishi. So comforting!

 The Sunday following Christmas we had a party to celebrate my grandfather turning 90 years old!!! I hope I have his longevity gene,s my grandma is 87 and still worksout! ;) Anyway, before that I had lunch near my parents house. I started with a Kombucha "cola".

 And I had a salad bar salad with lettuce, tofu, beans, olives, onions, peppers, cucumbers and kale.

 At the party my grandma made sure their would be vegan/gluten free options for Little A and I. I started with a raw vegetable plate.

 For my dinner I had gluten free pasta with vegetables. I also had a small salad before this.

 Smoothie bowls are my go-to lunch. This one had bananas, spinach, carob topped with Purely Elizabeth granola and almond butter.

 This was left over rice and beans with avocado and hot sauce.

 New Year's Eve I had Kombucha and Little A had organic Sparkling Cider. She enjoyed that!

 Our New Year's Eve dinner was gluten free stuffed mushrooms, green beans with gluten free breadcrumbs and roasted potatoes. We made gluten free vegan brownies for dessert! :)

 On New Year's Day we ran some errands which included a stop at Target. I got myself a Kombucha Pure Doctor and an organic soup from the fridge section. This was Dahl Soup, I forget the brand who makes it but it's at Target and it's super delicious! T had one of these soups too and loved it. 

 Our New Year's Day dinner was black eyed peas (for good luck) with kale, tempeh bacon, onions, tomatos and polenta. YUM!

 Saturday I made a smoothie bowl for lunch, similar to the one above but with added raisins.

 Finally, a delicious Saturday night meal: Hilary's Eat Well Veggie Bites, romaine, roasted chickpeas and potatoes with guacamole. So good!




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