Take a Breath

January 6, 2016

Let's talk about breathing. We all do it, obviously, but some of us don't do it enough. Lately I notice a lot of times throughout the day that I'm holding my breath Yes, it's possible to hold your breath and not even realize it. For me it's when I'm stressed, angry, nervous, upset.. Part of my New Year's intentions was to breathe more and notice my breath. I would like to start mediating again but first I'm focusing on breathing.


I realized I don't breathe well beginning after my surgeries. Following every single surgery I had, I would be told numerous times to "breath". Of course this was after being under for many hours and also being on quite a few pain medications, but when they would say it, I would realize I really wasn't breathing. Which turned my attention to trying to breathe and when I would breathe, I felt so much better. I knew I wasn't breathing even in normal circumstances either.

Breathing is so important for health and I want to be super healthy always. According to the article below, "A stressed mind cannot find peace. An under-oxygenated body-mind will never feel comfortable or safe."  That struck a cord with me. I do tend to have anxiety which is worse more than better lately. With everything going on in the world, I try to shield myself from the news but with socials media, it's hard at times. I am super sensitive to energies and negativity so stuff tends to stick with me.


*breathe in and out*

Anyone else focusing on breathing more/better this year? Let's do this together!

There is a way of breathing,
That is a shame and a suffocation.
And there is another kind of breath,
A love breath,
That opens you infinitely.
—Rumi - See more at: http://chekinstitute.com/blog/inspiring-happiness/#sthash.kHnGo0Qs.dpuf


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