A lot of Birthday Celebrating

February 2, 2016

Hi! I hope you all had a nice weekend! Yesterday was my 32nd birthday! I had a long weekend of celebrating and I am sharing all of that fun today!

 Friday was the usual, errands, groceries, eating on the go! I grabbed this Perfect bar to keep me satiated. 

 I came home to some gifts from a friend which included this awesome new cookbook Plantpower Way. I can't wait to dig in and make some recipes! 

 Little A made me this in a new journal I was also given as a gift. :)

 On Saturday, we hit up Hobby Lobby for the first time. Have you heard of this place? It's like a Michael's but on steroids! I was so overwhelmed! After that we grabbed a quick lunch at Whole Foods. I had kale salad, roasted potatoes and white beans.

 We also did a Costco run where I was excited to find these goodies! Little A loves this watermelon water. They also had GTS Kombucha. 

 For dinner we made pepper and mushroom fajitas with guacamole and salsa on spelt tortillas.

 For dessert I had a Caramel Cup from these EatingEvolved cups I found NEW at my Whole Foods.

 Sunday morning, T and Little A ran to Papa Ganache for some goodies for the day. These are all gluten free and vegan. The cookie dough was for Monday..

 After that we headed out to Frenchtown, NJ to a cute little store called "Two Buttons". This store is owned by Eat, Pray, Love author, Elizabeth Gilbert. We were heading out to New Hope, PA and it was right over the bridge so we stopped there first because everything was 70% off because they are closing.

 Me and my girls!

 This is what I left with. The stones were dirt cheap and the bracelet was originally $50 but we got it for 70% off!


 After that it was over the bridge to PA!



 Finally, we arrived at Peddler's Village. We love going here to visit to cute, charming stores. The weather was very warm in the upper 50's, even though it looks cold. ;)

 I left there with these beautiful new rose quartz earrings from my favorite store in Peddler's Village.

 On the way back we hit up Basil Bandwagon health food store where Little A and I were gitty to find they had Daiya gluten free vegan mac and cheese!

 I was also thrilled to see they had the new flavor of HU chocolate bars! Can't wait to try this!

 I also had a kombucha for the road.

 For dinner I mad the mac and cheese for Little A and I with a side of broccoli.

 On my actually birthday, yesterday, I hit up Fresh Press Juice Co for lunch after taking Little A to school. Baby S slept while I enjoyed some Lemony Spinach Chickpea Soup. 

 And a yummy Pitaya bowl!

 For dinner we had burrito bowls from Chipotle!

 After we made the gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookies from the Papa Ganache dough.

 After that I went for a massage and facial and came home to Little A all ready for bed with a special message for me. :) 


What a perfect birthday I had! XO


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