Baby S' 7 Month Update!

February 16, 2016

Hi all, sorry I have been MIA, Little A came down with the stomach bug going around her class and it wasn't fun! But we are back in action and today I'm sharing Baby S' 7 month update..

Little Baby S is 7 months old today! My little love bug is still trying to crawl (and getting closer to doing so), she smiles and laughs all the time and is so ticklish! She is definitely still a Momma's girl and her sis is a close second (sorry T). We still haven't started solids, I'm planning on delaying until I feel she is ready. She has a molar coming in! Yes, very rare but not unheard of, her molar is sticking out as her first tooth. I'm hoping the front ones come in first but they aren't showing any sign of it. We will see!


We've had a busy month so I'll get to it..

Things We Did/Milestones:


Mine and T's Birthday's: Our first birthday celebrating with Baby S! I don't think she knew though..


First Snow Storm: We had a huge storm that Baby S and I just stayed in and hibernated while Little A and T played.


First Ponytail: Baby S has such long hair already that I can fit it into a ponytail! She looks so cute, doesn't she?


First Valentine's Day: Since Little A was sick, this was a very uneventful day. We did a little photoshoot and gave Baby S a little giraffe light up/singing doll and that was basically it!


Things We Are Loving:

Elastic Hair Ties: For getting that hair in a ponytail! I always have my eyes on her to make sure it doesn't end up in her mouth. She doesn't know to pull it out yet. I hope it stays that way!


Any Toy that Lights Up: She loves laying on a blanket with a few toys that make sounds and light up and she's a happy girl!

Anything She Can Chew On: Which she likes to chew on in the back of her mouth, that's how I first noticed the molar coming in.

Amber Teething Necklace: I don't know if it works, but I used it with Little A and she wasn't a hard teether, so we are trying it again!

Honest Brand Diapers: Baby S hasn't had any leaks from urine with these. I used Seventh Generation with Little A and always had leaking issues. My only issue with Honest is that Baby S can pull the tab and take her diaper off. I don't think the tab is sticky enough.

Cold Teether's: She likes the plastic (chemical free) ones that go in the fridge.

How I'm doing: I am down another pound and hoping to get back on a better weight loss track. I am trying to get back to losing a pound or two a week. That was nice. ;) But with birthdays, Little A getting sick, I haven't been my best. Excuses, excuses! Back on track this week with food and workouts! Now everyone just pray I (or anyone else in my house) doesn't get the virus!

Until next month..


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