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Valentine's Day (The Year of The Virus)

February 18, 2016

We are finally feeling better around here, so even though we had a pretty lame day on Valentine's Day, I thought I would share our goodies. They day was filled with love, but so is everyday! ;)

 Little A was still sick, so we stayed in all day (not to mention it was zero degrees outside). T spoiled me with a few HU Chocolate Bars and a gift card for a massage at my favorite spa. 

 We got Little A a vegan chocolate heart filled with more chocolates. She also got a cool unicorn t-shirt and a "Puppy in My Pocket". Baby S got a light up giraffe toy that plays a lullaby. She really loves it (see my last post for a pic of her holding it).

 I attempted to clear the vomit filled air with some Wild Orange DoTerra oil. 

 I enjoyed my favorite: Rebbl Reishi Chocolate Elixir. God knows I needed all the Reishi I could get.. Ohmmmmm..

 For our dinner (for T and I, Little A had a little white rice), we had peppers, brown rice, tomato sauce and veggie balls. 

 And finally, me and my Valentine for life. :)


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