Little A's Recent Eats

February 22, 2016

Hi! Today I am sharing some recent Little A eats..

 Her favorite lunch lately has been organic flatbread (from Whole Foods) with guacamole, cucumbers and hummus. If I don't have guac, she eats it without. She also enjoys Amy's Vegan Gluten Free Rice and Bean burritos for lunch.

 A snack haul: organic apple sauce, vegan Good Belly Shots, gluten free brownies (that we made vegan with a flax "egg", and Emmy's vegan macaroons.

 This was dinner one night: a tiny baked potato with coconut oil, cucumbers with sea salt, kalamata olives, spinach sauteed in coconut oil and roasted chickpeas (my recipe HERE).

 Another dinner: olives (she loves olives!), carrots, dried mango, Daiya Mac and Cheese and sauteed broccoli.

 After a snow storm she enjoyed some Amy's gluten free, vegan Mac and Cheese and a treat.

 Breakfast one morning: Coco Mojo with a little coconut milk and sprouted grain toast with coconut oil.

 Most days she has a smoothie for breakfast. We usually add spinach, bananas, chia seeds, Sunwarrior Protein, water and Non-GMO vegan lecithin. 

 Chopping on her favorite: romaine lettuce!

 Dessert lately: banana blended with a little water and topped with organic vegan chocolate syrup and cacao chips.

 Snack before bed one night: Gopal's Nori Wraps.

 A little balance after dinner snack: romaine and organic dark chocolate. 

 Snack haul: dried apple chips, organic vegan granola bars, Emmy's macaroons and freeze dried bananas.

 More snacks; Zbars (I am not a big fan of these, she had them one from the "Kids Club" at Whole Foods and now she asks for them all the time. Eh. Pea snacks, dried fruit leathers, coconut milk yogurt, Emmy's macaroons (we like these!), dried mangos and apple chips. Also, side note, she also gets tons of fresh fruit for snacks. These are just the fun things!

 When she was getting over being sick I got her some food to ease her stomach back: pretzels, coconut water, gluten free pasta and organic saltines.

 She takes this probiotic daily along with B12 and a multi vitamin.


 And the final dinner: apples, hummus, flax crackers, baked tofu and celery sticks.



Let me know if you like these type of posts, I will share more! :)


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