Boosting Little A's Immune System (Updated)

February 26, 2016

In preparation for flu season, I make sure to cover all bases with my family. I've posted about how we do this before, but I wanted to share an updated list of things we are doing (besides those listed there).


Elderberry syrup every day. My friend Lauren makes some delicious elderberry syrup that she adds a lot of awesome herbs to. Little as loves the taste!

Probiotics. Little A takes Garden of Life probiotics every day to boost her stomach with good bugs to keep away the bad bugs

Chaga and Reishi mushroom. I use Jing Herbs powders for Little A in her smoothies.

Wheatgrass/Barely Grass Juice Powder. Another add in to smoothies that she doesn't even know is in there.


Lots of Vitamin C rich foods. Little A loves orange juice so we buy fresh squeezed or she eats an orange or two every day along with other high in vitamin c fruits and vegetables.

We also do a lot of hand washing and using essential oils that are safe for kids. But even with all this, we still get sick about once a year. That only started when she started bringing it home from school. So we aren't immune to everything, but I like to think doing these things help us keep a lot of bad germs away.

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