Weekend Fun: From Seed to Sprout and The Liberty Science Center

February 29, 2016

Hi! I hope you all had a nice weekend! We were busy bees as always! :) Here is what we were up to!

 Friday evening I made broccoli rabe with gluten free quinoa pasta and olives. This was a hit! I posted this recipe before, just go to the "recipe" tag to search.

 On Saturday, we headed to the shore to visit family and for Baby S to have her ears pierced. First stop, From Seed to Sprout where Little A had a smoothie with fruit and coconut yogurt.

 And a "cookie the size of (her) head". Gluten free and vegan! ;)

 I had the "Seed Salad" with added coconut bacon and tempeh. So good! After that, Baby S got her ears done (she was a champ and only cried for a minute), and then we went to visit my new niece. Little A, Baby S and T finally got to meet her! We've been sick and colds were going around so we stayed away until we knew everyone was healthy.

 On Sunday, we planned a trip to the Liberty Science Center with my Brother-in-law, Sister-in-law and nieces. But first, a stop at Whole Foods for some snacks to bring. I also had my rare treat of a Matcha Green Tea Coconut Milk Latte.

 Here are our snacks for everyone. The top left is organic trail mix from the bulk.

 The Liberty Science Center is right across the way from NYC. So this was the view as we drove up.

 Little A had a blast with her cousin. She climbed a rock wall, played all sorts of science experiments, saw reptiles, visited a Sid the Science Kid and Titanic exhibit, and looked at NYC through a telescope. Plus so much more!

 My ladies and I outside of the Science Center.

 The Titanic exhibit was my favorite (we took this in front of a green screen). Before entering, we were each handed a "boarding pass" that had the name and info of a real person who was on the Titanic. At the end we got to check the wall to see if we survived. Mine was a 3rd class passenger who had 5 childred and sadly didn't make it. Little A was a first class passenger who had her dog with her along with $10,000 worth of jewelery. She obviously lived. It was sad to see how the most deaths were 3rd class passengers and the crew, but expected. There were artifacts from the Titanic that they had salvaged along with pictures of the inside of the ship. Very cool!

 The gift shop had lots of cute stones and different knick-knacks, I was happy to find these pretty Agate earrings for $12!

 When we got home I enjoyed a Health-Ade Kombucha while making dinner.

 For dinner, I made my tempeh wrap recipe (that I posted last week). 


We had a lovely little weekend, I am sad to see it end, but I will bring on the week ahead with a smile!


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