Baby Stuff I'm Loving Lately

March 2, 2016

Hey! Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite baby items as of right now. I post these usually in Baby S' monthly update, but I figured I should dedicate a whole post every now and then. 


 First, teething. Baby S has two front bottom teeth coming in and I can feel her molars trying to push through too. I notice when she has her hands in her mouth a lot and is fussy that something cold goes a long way! I have some organic washclothes in the freezer at all times and the two bottom chew toys in the fridge. These are made without chemicals, so I am okay with her having them in her mouth. Up top are two musical toys that she plays with and tends to stick in her mouth a lot. They are made from wood. She likes shaking the rattle pineapple and banging the strawberry against the high chair.

 These organic toys tend to be her favorite. I bring one or two with us in the car every day. The soft ones are made from organic materials and she tends to chew on them along with the zebra which is a different version of "Soffie" the giraffe. Made without harsh chemicals, that one is a type of rubber.

 For supplements, I don't give her much since she is still exclusively breastfeeding. I do give her this probiotic powder mixed with a little water in a syringe and one vitamin D drop a few times a week.

 I have mentioned that I like the Honest Brand diapers before. I find they don't leak, and I like that they aren't made with chemicals.

 These are a few things I use for her little tushie and on her skin after a bath. 

 I always thought this boogie sucker thing was disgusting, until I used it and it worked so well! Forget bulbs, this thing makes clearing noses a lot easier and more efficent. 

 Baby S LOVES anything that lights up and is interactive, I love that this toy is a blender for making smoothies! Hehe!



Let me know if you like this post, I will do another one soon!


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