The Help Yourself Cookbook For Kids and a Recipe!

March 7, 2016

Hey! I hope you had a nice weekend! 


I recently found out about an awesome cookbook coming out for kids that is all plantbased vegan dishes! I've been following Ruby Roth for years and I always admire her work and love that she puts so much out there for kids. We have her books and we are super excited for this cookbook. I was so grateful to receive the galley for the book so I could get a sneak peek of the awesome recipes it has to offer. Right now the book is for pre sale, but it will be released on April 5th. Until then, I've been told I can share a recipe with my readers! Yay! This one looks yummy for kids and adults! I can't wait to make it with my favorite kitchen helper, Little A and we can't wait to buy a copy of The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids: 60 Easy Plant-Based Recipes Kids Can Make to Stay Healthy and Save the Earth.


Here is the adorable trailer and below is the recipe! 



In-joy, my little plantbased loves! 

And pre-order your copy on Amazon now! :)




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