Diet Changes

March 14, 2016

Hey all! I hope you had a nice weekend! Ours was short! Haha! Darn daylight savings stealing an hour! At least it stays light out later.. But man am I missing that hour of sleep. I'm still recovering.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about my diet changes I've made over the past year or so. I'm sure you've noticed that I am no longer focused on eating raw, only raw, high raw, or as close to raw as possible. While I do feel good eating that way, I found some behavior I didn't like in myself showing up so the changes I've made have made all the difference.

Let me go back 3 years to before I had my surgeries.. At the time I was really focused on healing and getting well and I wanted to do whatever it took to get there. Unfortunately, my diet didn't help much (although I do feel it helped me recover faster after surgery). I was very focused on being all raw or as close as possible after my surgeries. That's when I started to notice that I was feeling guilty when I had cooked food. I was eating pretty much all raw except dinner which was high raw and when I felt like having cooked oatmeal for breakfast or a veggie burger with my lunch salad, I would have a feeling of failure and I would start to worry that I wasn't going to stay healthy.

 (Cooked breakfast on Saturday morning: Oatmeal with raisins and walnut butter)

Which brings me to pregnancy with Baby S... I craved a ton of fruit! All I wanted was fruit, I honestly thought I'd eat a high fruit diet once I had her. Well that went out the window about a second after she was born and my normal cravings came back, which weren't for a lot of fruit. Being that it was summer, it was easy to eat high raw but I was (and am) also breastfeeding so I find I want heavier food and more fat in my diet. Which brings me to how I'm eating now.. Always vegan, plantbased and gluten free but with cooked food whenever I want! Also, as much as I try to eat whole foods, I do indulge more than I did before. The core of my diet is whole plantbased foods, but I now eat more cooked grains, veggies, beans and the occasional vegan treat. I also added in some soy here and there like fermented tempeh or sprouted tofu when I feel like it. I was also having gluten on occasion the past couple of months but I noticed I would get a rash around my eye and some other digestion issues that I didn't like, so no gluten for me! I still eat a ton of raw food: breakfast is always usually a smoothie and lunch during the week a smoothie bowl but if I'm out on the weekend, I may have a cooked lunch or I will have oatmeal when I want it with no guilt or fear.

 (I always felt guilty if the chocolate I ate wasn't raw. While I still prefer raw chocolate, I don't feel bad about fun chocolate like this. Still keeping it dark and mostly cacao)

I feel so much better mentally following my intuition and eating this way. I've noticed more raw foodies are including some cooked meals here and there so maybe they are on to something?! For me it's all about what makes me feel best and that seems to be a plantbased gluten free diet.

 (Breastfeeding my little love, she likes to lay on me and pinch. I definitely feel better eating more cooked, higher fat food while breastfeeding)


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