Baby S' 8th Month Update

March 16, 2016

8 months! Can you believe it? I sure can't! This month we hit a lot of milestones so let's get to it!


Things We Did/Milestones:

Playing Peek-a-Boo: I've been playing this with her since she was very little and not she does it back! She puts the blanket on and pulls it off. So cute! n


Got her ears pierced: Yup! This is something my family does at a very young age. Mine were done at 3 months, Little A had hers done around 10 months and Baby S at 7 months. It's an Italian thing. ;)


First Tooth/Teeth! Baby S got her two front bottom teeth a few weeks ago! Time for food!

Army Crawling: She moves really fast and gets around now by doing an army crawl.


First Word?: This one is questionable. She says "Da-da" over and over and over and over and over again (yea it's getting old), but I believe at this age it's just babble. Although everyone else disagrees with me. Haha!


Standing Up: This past weekend I put her in her crib so I could take a quick shower. We co sleep so she just plays in there. Well, I came in to the room to find her standing. Needless to say, a short heart attack followed.


Met her Baby Cousin: She finally got to meet my sister's baby who is exactly 6 months (to the day) younger than her!


Went to the Liberty Science Center: She had fun with her other cousins exploring the Liberty Science Center and ended up asleep towards the end.


First Time on a Swing: Little A pushed her in her old swing that's hanging in our yard. She really didn't know what to think. She was happy but confused.


First Time Meeting "The Easter Bunny": We took the girls to the mall this past weekend after Little A had been asking to see him.. Well, we walked up and she changed her mine. Like she does every year! That's okay, Baby S didn't mind sitting with him.


First Food! We finally gave Baby S solids! This just happened on Monday so it's brand new! She had a little avocado mushed up on my finger and ate some herself off of a plate. She seemed confused but kept going back for more. I'll still be mostly breastfeeding but she'll have solids for exploration. I'll post more about this soon!

Things We Are Loving:


Warm weather! We've been enjoying the Spring like temps (some days last week were Summer like!). We go for walks, watch Little A play at the park, run errands. So much more enjoyable to leave the house when it's nice out. Lugging around a car seat is no fun in the snow, cold or rain.




Spring Hats/Headbands: No more heavy hats making her sweat! Haha! We are loving lighter hats and headbands and of course lighter clothing and no cover on the car seat!

Our New Playroom: Just a few final touches and I'll share a tour! We have a nice soft rug in there so I can sit Baby S down with Little A and let them play together while watching.

Taking Walks: The sunshine and higher temps allow us to walk more. We are enjoying going for walks earlier in the day and hope to be able to do more later now that the sun will be out longer.

How I'm Doing: I am getting more exercise with the weather getting warmer. I really haven't being weighing myself but I have lost .5 and inch from my waist and thighs. I've been having a little anxiety from stress and I'm hoping to start doing some yoga and meditating this month. Breathing exercises really help me.


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