St. Patrick's Day Fun

March 18, 2016

HI! I hope you all had a lucky St. Patrick's Day! We had some fun, to make it a special day for Little A. She was really excited about the day after learning about "Leprechaun Traps". She woke up like it was Christmas morning! So cute!

 She made the trap all on her own. I think it is pretty creative. Notice the pot of gold with a piece of paper over a hole? OH and the stairs and rainbow? And don't forget the "Leprechaun Right HERE" words she wrote. Too fun!

 She didn't catch him this year! But he did leave her 2 vegan cookies from Papa Ganache bakery! Didn't you know.. He is vegan!

 He also left her two notes. She was happy with the cookies. I don't think she really would of been too excited if she really caught him. ;)

 Before school, we went to a fun kids event at our local Whole Foods.

 They gave her a shamrock plant, a balloon shaped like a shamrock, and she did a few arts and craft. After we got a green smoothie from the coffee/smoothie bar in store.

 Once I got back from taking her to school, I made myself a magical lunch. This was bananas, barley grass juice powder, water, spinach, chia seeds topped with Love Grown Cereal (all vegan and dye free and is made from beans!), freeze dried blueberries and fresh strawberries.

 We had some vegan gluten free Irish Soda Bread from Papa Ganache too!

 And I made a yummy cabbage, tomato, potato, white bean soup to enjoy it with!


Have a nice weekend!


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