Weekend Highlights: Yummy Finds!

March 21, 2016

Hi! Happy Spring! I hope you had a nice weekend! Here are the highlights from mine..

 Little A was off of school on Friday so she came grocery shopping with Baby S and I. First we stopped at the smoothie bar for our new favorite smoothie which has spinach, mango, bananas, coconut water and pineapple.

 I am excited for garden season to be coming soon! I am already planting my indoor plants so I grabbed some organic basil and red sorrel that were on sale.

 During some Easter errands on Saturday, I was excited to find this awesome Bamboo set a Home Goods. Perfect for the kids and I love elephants!

 We had my sis-in-law, bro-in-law and nieces over for takeout and some playtime. We ordered from the local Middle-Eastern place. I had falafel with tahini sauce and a Greek salad (hold the Feta!).

 Sunday was more errands and a little trip to a health food spot a little further away. I grabbed these AMAZING water kefir drinks. They are out of this world good!

 Some other finds I picked up! I can't wait to try everything. The bread is the best gluten free bread I have had. The jackfruit "meat" is just jackfruit with seasonings so I am excited to see what that's all about. 

 We also hit up the Asian market where I grabbed frozen durian, Thai bananas and a young Thai coconut that Little A had as soon as we got home. Lucky girl! ;)


Have a nice Monday!


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