My Favorite Beauty Secret

March 23, 2016

Since giving birth to Baby S my skin has been on a roller coaster ride. For the first couple of months I was taking my placenta capsules which kept my skin clear and my hair in place (post partum hair loss is a whole other post, but mine didn't start until 6 months and it usually starts around 3, I think it was my placenta pills helping). After I was done with the pills, my skin started breaking out here and there. Nothing too bad but definitely annoying. The past month, I've been having bad breakouts. I was trying to evaluate everything in my life and I found the culprit! I had stopped drinking my warm lemon water with cayenne pepper first thing in the morning! I got hooked on having a tonic while working out and I was skipping my normal routine. While tonics are awesome and filled with goodness and health promoting herbs, my body needs an astringent, cleansing drink upon waking and for me that is warm lemon water with cayenne pepper.



As soon as I got back on that wagon, my skin starting clearing! It's been about a week of my normal routine and I have no new blemishes and the old ones are clearing. So my favorite beauty secret? Warm water (heat until almost boiling but not to a boiling point), with one whole lemon squeezed in and two dashes of organic cayenne pepper. Drink on an empty stomach!

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