Easter Fun at Our House

March 29, 2016

Hi! I hope you all (who celebrate) had a nice Easter! As of yesterday, T has gone vegan for 30 days! I will be posting weekly updates so make sure to come back for that! ;) Anyway, we had a lovely Easter in our house again with both of our families. Holiday's have become so special now with all these girlie running and crawling around. Here are the highlights from the day!


 I may of gone a little overboard this year. I forgot some of the things I bought awhile back, but Little A was very happy so that is all that matters! I got her vegan organic chocolate (there is a picture of them on my Instagram page @LaurenGinger) along with little toys and activities and a bathing suit. Baby S got a book, stuffed Dumbo, a toy and a few clothes for Summer. 


 The tag was her favorite gift! ;)


 The egg hunt was exciting. Next year Little A will have some competition with Baby S. Thisyear she got eggs with stickers and small toys.

 Ready for our Easter party!

 Some of the starters which included hummus, olives, veggies and Treeline nut cheese.

 Our Little Fam

 For the vegan gluten free peeps I made lasagna with cashew cheese, potatoes, salad (my Mother-in-law made this) and asparagus. Everything came out delicious!


 For dessert we had vegan gluten free cupcakes my Sister-in-law made. So good!




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