T Eats Vegan: Week One

April 1, 2016

Last week T hit me with some surprising news. He told me he wants to eat vegan for 30 days! Where did this come from? Well I've been telling him for months to try my way for just 30 days to see if he feels better energy and stress wise. I guess he finally felt it was worth a shot and started Monday. I'm going to share updates every week with some of the meals he is eating and how he is doing.

This week went well. I made him lunch every day. The big winner was Field Roast sausage. He enjoys chicken sausage so I was worried this would meet his standards but he said it was pretty good! Score! He already doesn't eat much dairy, eggs and no red meat so the change wasn't too drastic. The hardest was his coffee during the day. He uses creamer but this week he made coffee before leaving the house and used coconut creamer. When he in a rush, he grabbed a Starbucks soy latte at the drive through. For breakfast he didn't change anything, he always makes a sunwarrior protein smoothie with bananas and wheatgrass powder and other superfoods. For lunch, I loaded him up on lots of raw veggies and fruit along with good fats, protein and filling foods. I think it's very common for people going vegan to have a problem not filling full because they aren't getting that heavy, dense animal protein so while transitioning it's important to get the right plant protein in. I'm not a big fan of processed "fake" meat but I do think it's a great transition food. Dinner was the same as usual, minus the chicken he would usually add. I always make a vegan dinner, sometimes he adds animal protein so that was super easy to change for him. I gave him a veggie burger one night, we had BBQ jackfruit "meat" another and I gave him a lot of Quinoa and rice with his meals.

Week one happenings:

Heightened sense of smell. He told me he has a strong sense of smell this week, to which I told him that his senses are waken up. AKA: He is coming to his senses. Hehe!

Feeling full faster. I thought he would have the opposite problem but he says he gets filled up easier which makes sense with all the fiber.

He hasn't weighed himself, but I can definitely already notice weight loss in his abdomen.



I will post an update weekly! But keep up with me on Instagram (@LaurenGinger) or on FB (facebook.com/NaturallyLauren). XO

 Spinach, cucumbers, roasted potatoes, snap peas, carrots, homemade croutons and hummus.

 Broccoli, carrots, snap peas, olives, peppadew peppers, Field Roast sausage, a clementine, hummus and a Rawxies cookie.

 Dr. Praeger Veggie Burger, oranges, Stacy's Pita Chips, hummus, cauliflower, peppadew peppers, broccoli, olives and carrots.

 Field Roast Sausage, carrots, homemade croutons, broccoli, olives, hummus and apple chips.

 Kale Chips, quinoa, olives, carrots, 2 mandarin oranges, hummus and a Square Bar. 


 These are a couple dinners: this was BBQ Jackfruit (from Uptons, SO GOOD! No fake ingredients either, just jackfruit and spices), rice, avocado, peppers and tomatoes.

 Veggie burger, broccoli, quinoa, avocado and sweet potatoes.




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