What I ate Wednesday: Veggie Rolls!

April 6, 2016

My latest obsession is vegan rolls from Whole Foods. Since a new Whole Foods opened up near me this past Summer, I have been loving their fresh made vegan veggie rolls! They have a great assortment for vegans and the purple rice is filled with antioxidants. Here is a look at some recent lunches I've had there that involve my beloved new favorite treat.


 I don't remember all the names for the rolls but they all have a sauce that is made with vegan mayo and veggies or fruit. This one has scallion, sweet potato, avocado and basil. I enjoyed a Switchel on the side. 

 Same as above but with a Maple Water.

 Another of the same but with Split Pea soup, a Kombucha and a Ginger Maple Water.

 This one had turnup, sweet potato, snap peas and rice paper on top along side potatoes and a kombucha.

 Avocado on top with carrots and cucumber. The dressing was made with raspberries. 


 This was similar to the first ones but with fresh dill. As you can see, my "go to" side is potatoes and a refreshing drink.




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