T Eats Vegan: Week 2

April 8, 2016

Hi! Happy Friday! T has been eating vegan for almost two weeks now! Yay! I asked him if he has any cravings or temptations and he said not at all. I guess his diet was more plantbased than I realized. That being said, he was definitely eating chicken or turkey daily, even if just once a day. I've been making his lunches daily which he said it nice because he doesn't have to stop working to get lunch, or put in any thoughts on what he can grab that's nearby. He also told me he feels good eating this way and he down 3 pounds! He says "I feel more agile". All good things! Yay!

I was asked about living with a non-vegan hubby, and basically, I make dinner, he makes chicken for on the side and that's it. Chicken and yogurts were really the only non vegan food in my house. Occasionally cheese, fish or turkey meat too.


Here are some of his lunches and dinner from this week.


 This past weekend, I made him a vegan staple "avocado toast". I made it on sprouted bread with tomatoes and nutritional yeast. 

 We had TLT's with avocado for dinner one night. He gets them at the health food store we go to, so I knew he would like.

 Lunch one day: spinach, quinoa with sunflower and pumpkin seeds, carrots, 2 clementines, hummus, Field Roast sausage and a Square Bar.

 Another lunch: spinach, carrots, quinoa, sunflower seeds, Treeline cashew nut cheese, two clementines, a Square Bar, hummus and white beans.

 Dinner one night: brown rice with a pepper and broccoli stir fry with avocado.

 Dinner another night: gluten free pasta with kale and olives.

 Another dinner: broccolini, a veggie burger, sweet potatoes, quinoa and avocado. (The dinner pics are from my plate, I didn't want to ask him to take a pic of every dinner I served him)

 Lunch: spinach, pumpkin seeds, carrots, hummus, white beans, Field Roast and a Rawies cookie.

 Vegan burrito bowl from Chipotle for dinner.

 Finally, today's lunch: romaine, quinoa with sunflower seeds, an orange, Field Roast and hummus.




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