Spring Break At "The Jersey Shore"

April 14, 2016

Hi! We had a fun time this week staying with my parents at "The Shore". Little A had her Spring Break, but T couldn't get off (that's life when you are a business owner), so Little A, Baby S and I took a little trip down there for a few days. We had loads of fun (Little A didn't want to leave her Grandma), and ate a lot of yummy food! My Mom is vegan(ish) now, so she was down to experiment and loves going to all the vegan hot spots with me. Can't wait until it's warm so we can spend time there and go to the beach again! 

Before heading down, I had Little A snap a picture of me with my awesome "Plant Strong" duffle bag from Rawxies. I am a contributor for them so they send me fun stuff like this when I write an article. You can buy one from their site!

When we got there it was around lunch time so we picked up my Mom and headed to Deans Market for some lunch. I had an Acai bowl and Little A had a coconut yogurt parfait. She ate the entire thing!

My Sister came by (she lives 10 minutes away) with my new niece and we took a stroll to the park. My parents are a short walk away from a park right on the river. We use to play their as kids and now our kids get to! Lucky them, the park has been upgraded since our days of playing! Little A and Baby S had fun on the swings. Baby S was smiling and laughing and Little A took her pushing duties very seriously! After that she had me pushing both of them. She likes to go high, I do not push high enough for her! ;) The weather was nice and sunny, felt like a beautiful Spring day!

When we got back to my parent's house, my Mom had already started dinner. We had BBQ Cauliflower sandwiches which were cauliflower baked with a homemade BBQ sauce on gluten free bread with tomatoes, avocado and lettuce. A nice little salad was in the side.

After that, Little A wanted to go to The Lighthouse which is a homemade Italian ice place next to the beach. She knows this is her special treat to have with her grandparents. All the ice is dairy free and I persuade her to get one without dyes. This time she had peanut butter. I opted for a Rawxies instead. I am not a huge fan of Italian ice so it's not something I care to have.

The next day, I woke up and worked out (so nice to do that without interruptions. The girls were playing with my Mom). My Mom made us green smoothies with mango, coconut yogurt, bananas, green powder, coconut flakes and turmeric. Yum!

For lunch, we headed to Seed to Sprout Vegan Cafe with my Sister and baby niece. My Mom had the Mexican Tofu Omelet. She said it was so good she was dreaming about it that night!

Little A had the lemon lentil soup (and ate most of my Mom's kale salad).

I had a Dandy Blend latte that was out of this world! I don't know how they got it to taste so good! Reminded me of a fancy Starbucks coffee drink (from what I remember).

For my lunch I had the special of the day which was a Coconut Bacon BLT made with cashew mayo, coconut bacon, tomato and lettuce on flax and millet bread and a side of marinated kale. This was so delicious! I don't think I've ever had a bad meal there, everything is just so good! I didn't get a picture of my Sister's meal. I had Baby S in my lap the whole time since she didn't want to go in the high chair they had. I should of known that would happen when we go to lunch during her normal nap time.

When we got back I had a yummy Obi probiotic kefir soda. These are so refreshing! I love every flavor! Grabbed a couple of them from Deans.

I brought home some goodies too! The raw bar I shared after dinner and the cookie was all Little A. The coconut bacon I'll use on meals next week.

For dinner I made everyone (except my Dad who ate something non-vegan) BBQ jackfruit from Upton's with rice, peppers, peas and avocado. My Mom is hooked on the jackfruit "meat" now too. I love this product because it's just jackfruit with spices. Finally a mock meat I can get behind!

The next morning I made my Mom, Little A and I the Enjoy Life pancakes I reviewed. My Mom loved them just as much as Little A and I do. I topped then with some coconut bacon I brought home from Seed to Sprout.

We hung out for a little and my Sister and baby niece came by while we got ready to leave. I enjoyed this Obi probiotic drink that tasted like an "Orangejina" (probably have the spelling wrong on that, but you know what I'm talking about. We use to love them as kids!).

I also had this bar for the ride home. These Jones Bars are made locally down there and are really good. I got a PB&J one to bring home to T!

So that was our fun mini vaca to the shore! I'll be back tomorrow with an update on T's vegan for 30 days life!


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