T Eats Vegan: Week 3

April 15, 2016

Week 3 of T eating a plantbased diet! I think he is going to stick with it beyond 30 days. He claims it's not that big of a change for him, but I disagree. Even if he ate little animal products before, he definitely wasn't eating as much plantbased food. Most of what he is eating now is unprocessed and a lot healthier than his "pretzels and hummus" lunch from before.

His energy seems better, I can tell it's easier for him to wake up in the morning. He seems less stressed and more playful with Little A. I really think he is liking the changes he sees physically and mentally.

Here are some lunches and meals he has eaten this past week:


 I made him two lunches before I left for the shore. The one on the left was spinach, peppers, olives, black beans, hummus, a Square Bar and apple chips, sunflower seeds and raisins. On the right we have: spinach, peppers, olives, Field Roast sausace, hummus, 2 clementines and Field Roast sausage.

 He made himself lunch one day while I was gone: spinach, sesame tofu (premade from Whole Foods), peppers, olives, a Square Bar and a dressing made with hummus and Coconut Aminos.

 He also made himself dinner one night (the other night he had leftover Lentil Chili that he added Field Roast sausage to). Anyway, this was two Field Roast Hotdogs with sauerkraut, ketchup and mustard and organic Alexia fries.

 When I came back I made dinner that night which was quinoa with green beans, chickpeas, tomatoes and lots of Nutritional Yeast. 

 Another lunch: romaine, snap peas, sesame tofu, peppers, a dressing made with hummus and Coconut Aminos, a Jones Bar and two apples.

 Today's lunch was: a cara cara orange, Field Roast sausage, spinach with snap peas and peppers, a dressing made with hummus and Coconut Aminos, a Square Bar and pita chips.




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