Baby S' 9 Month Update

April 18, 2016

I can't believe Baby S has been out as long as she was in! On Saturday she turned 9 months old! My angel girlie is getting so big, so fast and is hitting milestones like crazy!! She is starting to enjoy food but still only eats a few bites, once a day (more on that soon), she's crawling all over, standing on her own, talking, dancing, clapping! Phew, what a busy month in her world!


Things We Did/Milestones:

Crawling: On the day she turned 8 months, she started crawling! Literally right after I posted her update! Haha! Now she is on the go all over the place and doesn't stop!


Says I Love You: This one is crazy to me.. She repeats us when we say "I love you", she has is down perfectly. It's amazing!


First Time Sitting in A Grocery Cart: We went to Whole Foods one day and she was awake so I put her in the cart with the cover. Usually she is asleep so I put her on the carrier that is attached to the cart to hold the car seat. She loves sitting up and seeing everything!


Stands On Her Own: She has been standing up while holding onto things for a little but now she lets go and stands on her own for a few seconds before dropping to her butt.


Claps: This one is my favorite because she does it at the best times! She knows just when to clap (like when Daddy comes home or her favorite song comes on, or when watching Little A dance).


Waves: She recently started waving "bye-bye" and "hi". When I was pushing her in the swing she kept waving at me, it was too cute!

First Easter: We had Easter at our house this year. Baby S got to play with her cousins and got a pretty sweet Easter basket.


Stayed at Grandparents House: She has done this before but now she is older so she had a much more fun time staying the night there with me and Little A.


First St Patrick's Day: We went to an event at Whole Foods with Little A, my sis-in-law and nieces. She wore green of course!


Things We Are Loving:

My Mom's Walker: My Mom has a walker at her house that Baby S loved! I have no idea what made her stay in it because there are no toys attached, just a tray. Meanwhile her saucer and activity seat she gets bored with fast! She didn't even walk a lot in the walker so that's not the reason!

Swings: Now that Baby S is big enough to sit in the swings, she loves them! Makes park time a lot of fun!


Cart Cover: As I mentioned, Baby S sits in the cart now and because of this I had to get a cart cover (I searched high and low for the one we had for Little A and I could not find it!). Anyway, I got Baby S one for Easter. We love it because she's protected from germs and the hard metal. We can also attach toys so she likes that!

Walks: Baby S loves taking walks and observing everything around her. This great big earth is a new discovery for her. Makes me so joyed to see her little face as she looks around this great big world.

How I'm doing:

I've passed my pre baby weight and I'm down 4 pounds below it! I haven't changed much, just took sometime to get the ball rolling. I feel really good, happy, healthy and in love with my life.




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