An Early Earth Day Story

April 20, 2016

Happy (almost) Earth Day! I have a fun story to share today that couldn't wait for Friday. So this is my "Earth Day post".

Have you ever realized a moment was "a moment" after it had passed?

 (Lunch with a view. Kale salad, beans, artichoke hearts, baked tofu)

Sunday was a gorgeous picture perfect day. We ran a few errands, got lunch and ate it at a park and then came home and took a walk to a park further away from our house. Little A rode her bike, Baby S was pushed in the stroller and T and I walked.



We laughed, talked, enjoyed the time together showing Little A how to ride her bike properly (using the breaks instead of using her feet to stop). When we got to the park, Little A went on the swings (really high), I sat with Baby S and watched.


The park was very busy so we didn't stay long. We started our journey back and I noticed there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The temperature was a perfect sun shining 70 degrees. When we got home, Little A got a blanket and asked me to bring Baby S to the backyard to sit. T said he would make dinner so I retreated to the back yard with my girls. I put Baby S down and as she crawled off the blanket to grab a fist full of grass (she kept trying to eat it), I realized it was her first time touching the earth. Being that she was born last Summer, she was too little and Winter came so it wasn't happening then, so Sunday was the day. Not even planned, not even knowing, it just happened. She was fascinated with the grass, touched it with her hands and then her feet. I stood her up to walk in it. She was having her first "earthing" experience. To her everything new is exciting. Grass is grass to us, to her it was magical, I could see it in her face. What a moment!


Later that night, I realized she had on Little A's old pants. Then I remembered Little A wore them the first time her feet touched the sand at the beach. What a serendipitous thing to happen on a beautiful day, with a beautiful moment. The whole day will stay in my mind forever. Just like all the other memories I have with my girls.

 (Little A's toes on the beach on top and Baby S' toes in the grass on bottom. Same pants)

Have a happy earth day, remember that the thing we take for granted is something so special to those who are just discovering it. Let's keep it that way. xo

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