T Eats Vegan: Week 4

April 25, 2016

Hey! This past week was week 4 of T eating vegan and he is doing great! He is going to stick with it beyond 30 days but this will be my last update. He hasn't weighed himself but I would guess in 4 weeks he probably lost 10 lbs or so! He has more energy, seems less stressed, is feeling good, is slimmer and looking good (not that he didn't look good before, but he looks brighter and healthier). He really likes the Field Roast products and last weekend we had Miyokos cashew mozzarella and that was a hit! He didn't like it before cooking so he was very skeptic, but once we melted it in a pizza, he loved it! This is coming from an Italian pizza eating guy! So all good stuff. I'm not sure he'll eat vegan forever but I think it's going to be his core diet now. I can see him having special non-vegan meals for certain occasions but eating vegan other than those few times a year. Who knows? I guess we will see!

Here are some meals and lunches from the week.


 This was a "BLT" kind of sandwich I made him for lunch on the weekend (coconut bacon, vegan mayo, spinach, avocado and tomato).

 Lunch and snacks for work: kale salad with peppers, baby carrots, olives, and orange, baked tofu, popcorn and a square bar.

Kale salad with olives, baked tofu, sweet potatoes, carrots and cucumbers; brown rice, an orange, pita chips and a Square Bar. 

 He actually made this for all of us! Artichokes stuffed with gluten free bread crumbs and Miyokos cashew mozzarella. 

 Jack Fruit tacos with brown rice, salsa, baby kale, avocado and cilantro.

 Another work lunch: baby kale, cucs, peppers, brown rice, carrots, hummus, BBQ jackfruit, chickpeas and hummus with pita chips, a square bar, Field Roast and an orange.

 Lunch and snacks again: baby kale, chickpeas, coconut bacon, baby carrots, peppers, cucs, Field Roast, popcorn and a square bar.




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