Spring Time at Duke Farms

April 27, 2016

This past weekend we took a trip to Duke Farms for the second time. We went once in the Fall when Baby S was really small and she slept the whole time. This time she got to enjoy the sites while Little A pushed her around. I was surprised she stayed awake the whole time!

Duke Farms is a beautiful estate that was owned by a wealthy heiress, Doris Duke back in the 1800s. I read a lot about it and she was quite the young lady! You can read more here but basically they opened the land to the public and now it's beautiful ground to walk and explore on. There is an orchid greenhouse, waterfalls, lakes, mansions, gardens, wildlife and beautiful trees and flower covering the land. We love to just soak it all in and enjoy nature. I hope to go back when it's even warmer out to see the beautiful yard filled with sunflowers! The pictures online don't do it justice! Lucky for us it's only 30 minutes away. Here are some of the highlights from our weekend adventure there this past Sunday.


 So many beautiful spots, pictures just don't do it justice! 

 Little A loves to hug trees!

 My little model posing, as always!

 I brought a Kombucha to enjoy while we walked.


 Little A loves to push her sister!




 Beautiful day with my loves. We took a picture here when we went back in the Fall.


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