Review: Veggie Fries

April 29, 2016

Recently the people at Veggie Fries sent me some coupons to try out their products for free. Little A was very excited when I told her we were going to be buying "fries" at the store. Little did she know that these "fries" have vegetables and beans in them!

Veggie Fries get my approval as they are vegan, gluten free, non-gmo and free of 8 allergens. Each flavor contains 27% of non-potato vegetables and legumes. A fun way to sneak veggies and beans into picky eaters. Little A didn't even comment that the fries were green! When I told her they had kale in them, she said "cool!" They were like mad scientist fries to her! She dipped them in ketchup and finished her plate and said "more please!" Too bad T and I had already finished them off. Not to worry though, we have another bag in the freezer I plan on making her this week.


I think with very little persuasion, even a picky eater would enjoy Veggie Fries. The smell alone would make them want to give them a go as they smell like normal fried fries as they bake in the oven. As for the colors, I would simply say the green ones are "Hulk Fries" or "Tinkerbell Fries", my favorite way to get Little A to try something she is apprehensive about is to put a fun name on them, most of the time with her favorite character at the moment.

Veggie Fries will be gracing our plates often!

Veggie Fries sent me coupons but my opinions are my own.

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