What They Ate Wednesday: A Bunch of Recent Little A Meals

May 4, 2016

Hi! Today I have a TON of Little A's eats! I started taking pictures here and there a few months back and then forgot about it! So most of these aren't too recent, but she is eating basically all the same stuff. Also, I only take pics when she's eating something interesting, she has a smoothie almost daily and some other usual foods that I left out. Also, whenever you see a dinner of mine, that is usually what she is having too (most of the time separate). As for the snack hauls, they are usually for a couple of weeks or so. Once or twice a month I do a big haul for her snacks. 


Most of her food is organic. All of the produce usually.


I like to share these to give you some ideas for your health eaters! ;)


 This was a snack haul that didn't last long! ;)

One of her favorite sandwiches: cucumbers and Kite Hill cream cheese on flatbread.

 Another big snack haul!

 Fresh organic strawberries for snacking!

 After school kale chip snack! She loves the bacon ones (vegan) from Rhythm Foods.

 Baby Pepper with Kite Hill cream cheese for a snack.

 Green smoothie with the usual: spinach, bananas, black strap molasses, vitamin k2/d drops, a little Sunwarrior protein, barley grass juice powder.

 Fun dinner one night: Daiya gluten free mac and cheese, peas and onions and baby peppers.

 Green smoothie from Whole Foods while grocery shopping with me!

 Small snack haul (lots of sale items she enjoyed!).

 Another similar green smoothie (maybe with chlorella added), and a gluten free English muffin, one side Kite Hill cream cheese the other coconut oil. This was breakfast one morning.

 Sauteed spinach for a snack!

 Banana whip with chocolate chips from Fresh Press Juice Co.

 I made her this fun bunny one morning close to Easter. I used a gluten free organic vegan waffle. Idea from Fork and Beans.

 Dinner one night: kale chips, potatoes and asparagus.

 Snack plate after school: organic crackers, carrots, olives and hummus.

 Dinner one night: carrots with hummus, some mango and Field Roast Sausage.

 Another breakfast: same gluten free English muffin style as the other, a green smoothie, mango and a GoodBelly probiotic shot.

 Finally, I made organic dinosaur pasta with tomato sauce for her and a friend on a playdate one day before school. They also had carrot sticks. :)




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