Mother's Day at The NYC Vegetarian Food Festival

May 9, 2016

HI! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I was spoiled this Mother's Day with fun and love from my family. I am so blessed to have two amazing little girls who made me a mother. Without them my life would be incomplete. Although it may be hard at times, I have the best job in the world!

 Little A REALLY wanted to make me breakfast in bed. I have a smoothie every day, and I like it that way. But I wanted her to keep it simple, so I requested fruit and coconut water, and that's what I was delivered. 

 T got me an awesome gift from them all.. a Chocolate making kit with organic ingredients! I will post more on this when I use it, but the kit is adorable!

 After that we headed to NYC for the Vegetarian Food Festival! 

 Little A was excited to see a kids table with lots of coloring stuff. They also had face painting, but we really wanted to get to the food! ;)

 But not before a photo op! 

 The first thing we tried was this Pilot Kombucha. They had a deal for a 4 pack, so we got one of each flavor.

 At first I tried to take a picture at every stand we stopped at but after the first couple, I got lost in the samples and forgot. ;) Here is Little A enjoying some Follow Your Heart cheese!

 One of our favorite finds was these Brami lupini bean snacks. They are fresh lupini beans with different flavors. If you have never had a lupini bean I feel like it's a cross between a chickpea and a lima bean. They are super yummy! Little A loved them too so we bought a 4 pack (again, the best deal).

 The highlight was finally having a Yeah Dawg again. You may remember last year when I was pregnant with Baby S, we went and I had one. I have been asking the owner all the time on Instagram when they will ship. Well I got to talk to her yesterday and she said she is trying to get into stores and her first stop will be NJ! YAY! I made mine gluten free on a brown rice wrap. 

 My loves and I. The reason I smile every day! :)

 Finally, some more goodies we brought home. Obviously, a package of Yeah Dawg (did I mention they have NO fake ingredients? Just veggies, seeds and beans!). Little A got a Rescue Chocolate bar. All the profits go to animal rescue. The one she picked was peanut butter and tasted like a Butterfinger bar! YUM!




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