How I Start Solids With My Babies

May 11, 2016

  First Taste


I get a lot of questions about solid foods for babies so I'm going to share what I did with Baby S (which is basically the same I did with Little A).

I delayed solids until 8 months, not because 8 months was my magic number but because she was ready! So many people hear 6 months and want to give food on that day, which is fine, if baby is ready! How did I judge if Baby S was ready? She was able to sit up on her own for a period of time (she could not do this at 6 months), she had two teeth (that's a major sign her body was ready) also didn't have them at 6 months, she was interested in eating and would watch us eat. The night I decided to feed her solids for the first time, she had grabbed food from my hand and tried to eat it. Right then and there I said "yup, today's the day!"



More reasons to delay solids are that studies have shown that exclusively breastfeeding protects from illness and boosts their immune system. Also, her digestive system will be mature enough to handle food, she'll have more protection from anemia and it will lower her risk of obesity in the future.
More details on this here:

For Little A, I gave her a very ripe banana mashed with breastmilk. Little A loved solids from the start and gave smiles and always wanted more. Baby S I gave mashed up avocado, she enjoyed a few bites but didn't want more. I always wait a few days inbetween giving new foods to make sure there is no allergic reaction. Also, I know Baby LED is a huge thing, but I am a nervous person and even seeing her gag on mashed foods makes me not want her to eat ever again. Haha! ;) Anyway, at first I would just mash with a fork and feed it to her from my finger (so it's like a breast for her where it's skin and not metal from a spoon) or a wooden spoon. She tended to eat more when I used my finger. Now she feeds herself. She is eating a lot more now too. She will eat a half an avocado at dinner or most of a small sweet potato. This definitely took awhile to get here, over a month or so where I know some people will eat a lot right away. She's almost at 2 months of eating now and I've been making a few short cuts when needed. I bought a couple of those squeeze purees for her to have when we are out and she wants to eat. I find it easier to just squirt it in her mouth rather than making a mess letting her feed herself (she won't let me feed her much anymore). I found the best ones I could find which aren't heated at a temperature and are only organic with no preservatives. One had hemp seeds and one coconut oil. No added synthetic vitamin C. She really loves them so I buy a couple a week although I prefer to make my own food for her.  Everything she gets is organic.

 Peas steamed and mashed

 Green beans, steamed and mashed in the food processor


So far Baby S has had avocado, apples, bananas, sweet potato, peas, green beans, mango, carrots, kale, papaya, some hemp seeds, cumin and coconut oil. Avocado and sweet potato seem to be her favorite. She use to make a cute sour face for bananas (another note on bananas, I make sure mine are spotty and have no green at all so they are super ripe to help with digestion. They won't cause constipation this way). But now she loves them.

As for supplements, since starting solids I give her only drop of vitamin d a few days a week and mashed chlorella mixed with avocado or sweet potato one to two times a week for iron. Breastmilk is the best form of nourishment, but I want to have insurance as back up. I will also start adding black strap molasses to sweet potatoes for iron, nutrients and minerals soon. I mentioned she has had hemp seeds and coconut oil, those were in the premade squeeze packs I bought.

 Love these Once Upon a Farm baby foods, I find them in the fridge at Whole Foods

I give her a little food in the morning while I workout and again at lunch and dinner. Her most at dinner but she is still about 95% on breastmilk. I look at food in the first year as exploration and for her curiosity. Not for much nourishment since she gets that in my milk. Speaking of, I make sure my diet is full of awesome superfoods, safe herbs, lots of greens and green powders, nettle tea, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds and other awesome whole fats to make sure my milk is top notch.

 Avocado face

Coming up I will give her some lentils and other beans, mashed up of course. I will bring these in slowly because I don't want to cause any gas and I will cook them with Kombu to reduce the gas and make them easier to digest. After a year I'll introduce Quinoa, Millet and lastly brown rice. We will stick to a plantbased diet for her, just like Little A.


 Munching on a banana, under my watchful eye


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