How To Make Simple Pizza

May 13, 2016



Lately we have been loving pizza parties on Saturday nights and it's become a super easy, simple staple in our home. In the past whenever we made pizza, we took the long way, which is delicious, and great, but we needed a simpler way if we wanted to have it a few times a month. The long way was making our own gluten free dough (with Bob's Redmill gluten free mix), fresh tomato sauce, loads of veggies and homemade cashew cheese. Now we have it down to an easy science..


For the crust: tortilla or flatbread of choice.

For the sauce: store bought (shh.. Don't tell my Naunee!).

For the cheese: store bought vegan cheese.

For the veggies: keep it simple with veggies that can cook right on the pizza.

Additional: any premade topping you like.




Some of the options we like:


Crust: Brown Rice tortillas (for me, the gluten free option), spelt tortillas or a premade flatbread crust sold at Whole Foods.

Sauce: I haven't found an organic one I am crazy about. I do love Raos, which isn't organic. I am very picky about sauce and this one is THE BEST from a jar.

Cheese: Miyokos vegan mozz made from cashews or Kite Hill almond milk cheese. You could use Daiya, but I prefer a cleaner ingredient cheese and these two options only have a few ingredients and are nut based.

Veggies: spinach, fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions. These are all easy to throw on and cook without having to worry that they won't be cooked by the time the crust is cooked.

Additional: T likes Field Roast sausage on his. We also like olives and fresh basil.






A little olive oil on the crusts, some sauce (doesn't even need to be heated), the veggies and the cheeses and herbs. Another drizzle of oil and cook on a pizza stone until the crust starts to brown.







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