Baby S' 10 Month Update

May 16, 2016

10 months! In two months I'll have a one year old! We are already planning her birthday party, what a fast 10 months this has been.


This month not much has changed except that she is into everything and is none stop moving all over! She puts everything in her mouth so I'm constantly on alert!


Things we did this month/milestones:

Top tooth came in: Only one of her top teeth has broken skin. It's pretty funny to see just one little snaggle tooth there. Haha!


First Earth Day: I put her in the onesie that my placenta lady gave me, even though it was a tad small. :)


Went to Duke Farms: (again) This time she went in the stroller so she could see around. She really liked it.

First Mother's Day:
We spent the day at The Vegetarian Food Festival. She enjoyed seeing all the sites of the city and was looking around the whole time.


First Vegetarian Food Festival (on the outside): Last year I was pregnant with Baby S, this year she enjoyed walking around in T's arms.


More vocal: She definitely lets us know when she doesn't like something! Her vocal cords are getting worked a lot! Haha! Now she mimics a lot that we say too.



Climbing all over: Can't take my eyes off this little girlie! She climbs and crawls and gets into anything and everything!


Eating more: Baby S is enjoying food more now and has more variety in her diet.


First time touching the grass: We played outside on a blanket one day and I realized it was the first time Baby S touched the ground. She was fascinated with the grass and kept trying to eat it!

Things We Are Loving:


Walks every night. We talk a walk together as a family every night that we can. Little A rides her bike while I push Baby S in the stroller. She falls asleep right before we get home.

Once Upon a Farm smoothies: These are my favorite "baby food" options besides fresh. They are high pressure pasteurized and have good stuff like kale and hemp seeds or blueberries with coconut oil. She really like them and they are great in the go or when I need something to keep her busy for a little. She makes a huge mess because she wants to feed herself now, but whatever keeps her happy!


Ergo 360: I recently acquired a used one from a buy sell trade page for my town on Facebook. I've been putting off buying one because I didn't want to spend on another carrier but I got it for only $40 (it's an $170 carrier!), and the lady only used it once she said and it looks brand new! Baby S loves facing forward now. We are going to try the hip option soon too. This makes my life so much easier since Baby S isn't a fan of being contained. Lol!

How I'm Doing:

I lost an inch from my waist last month. Ever since I upped my workouts, I've been getting slimmer and feeling stronger again. I have a exam for my jpouch next week which I'm a little nervous for. Fingers crossed all looks well because I sure feel well!

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