Our 10 Year Anniversary Getaway

May 24, 2016

Last week T and I celebrated 10 years of marriage! We decided instead of getting each other a gift, we would take a little family vacation, a getaway to Lambertville, NJ/ New Hope, Pennsylvania! We stayed across the bridge from New Hope at the Lambertville Inn. Both towns are very charming with stores, restaurants, shops and beautiful scenic views. Where we stayed was right on the river, next to the bridge that takes you from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. We had fun at an indoor amusement park called The Giggle Berry Fair, ate delicious vegan food, had our anniversary dinner at Sprig and Vine, shopped, walked, took in the sites. The whole getaway was magical and enjoyable for all of us. I'll let my pictures do the talking..


 On the way there we stopped off at Basil Bandwagon health food store for lunch. I had a TLT (tempeh) on gluten free bread with a Kombucha.

 I also had some Mary's Gone Crackers (these reminded me of Ritz!) and Coyo, both new to me products that I enjoyed.

 We had some time before we could check into our hotel, so we walked around New Hope and took the girls to the Giggleberry Fair which is an indoor amusement area. Since it was a weekday, we had the place to ourselves!

 We played a lot of fun games, won some prizes and went on the carousel. 

 When we got to our gorgeous hotel, we were amazed at the views! Little A was amazed at the fact that they had a bathtub in the shower! LOL!


 10 years with my love! At the hotel all ready to go to dinner!

We walked to dinner across the Lambertville bridge. Little A loves when she gets to stand in two states at one time!

 She also loves being a tourist!

 Excited to eat at one of our favorite restaurants!

 I ordered the risotto dish. This was so flavorful and green! Lots of fresh ingredients in there.

 I also had a local kombucha. 

 For sides we shared kale chips and potatoes. 

 T had the tempeh, which he LOVED! Little A had the tofu fries off the kids menu. Basically it was crispy tofu with ketchup. She enjoyed it with a side of kale chips!

 Walking back to our hotel, this was the view from the bridge.

 Sunset from our room.

 We brought back dessert since we were so full. Little A and I had the chocolate torte while T enjoyed a slice of Tiramisu. Both delicious!

 Morning view!

 Room service brought us fresh fruit and OJ before we headed out to breakfast.

 We had breakfast at Cafe Galleria in Lambertville. I started with fresh OJ.

 T and I both had the tofu scramble with breakfast potatoes. I gave him my toast. Darn gluten!

 One of our breakfast dates..

 And the other!

 After that we did some more exploring which landed us at Big Bear Natural Foods. They had some awesome stuff that I haven't seen elsewhere.

 I brought home these goodies! 

 Next stop was La Chocolate Box in Lambertville. Little A was very excited for this one!

 They had a few organic vegan chocolates, I brought home these two beauties. 

 Next we started our journey home but spent the rest of the day in Frenchtown, NJ. This wasn't to far from where we stayed. 

 We got lunch at Pulp which was a cute little mostly vegan cafe.


 I had the grilled avocado sandwich with hummus and sauteed onions on gluten free bread. T had a tempeh melt of sorts. He said it was good.

 Finally, I was excited to try these Revive Kombucha's that we found at Big Bear Natural Foods. They remind me of beer, but so much better! ;) 


I hope you enjoyed my recap, I wish we could go back and do it all over again! Maybe next year! ;) XO


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