Memorial Day Weekend at The Beach

May 31, 2016

Happy Belated Memorial Day! Yay! Summer is almost here! I am pretty exhausted from the long weekend but well worth it. We made a lot of fun memories with family and friends and I am really looking forward to Summer arriving! 


 First things first! Snacks to have at my parent's house and for the beach!

 We are usually some of the first people on the beach since my Dad insists on getting there very early so we can have a spot. I don't mind though, I like the serenity of an empty beach.

 We picked up Acai Bowls from The Juice Theory in Long Branch, NJ to have for lunch. My sis, Little A, my Mom and I each got one. I had coconut water too.

 After the beach I enjoyed this refresher!

 My Mom made us a delicious dinner of brown rice thai noodles with zucchini. She found this recipe on Pinterest. She is still eating vegan most of the time.. And more and more each day!

 After dinner we went to a craft show in Asbury Park, which meant vegan ice cream from Cookman Creamery! 

 Little A was obviously very happy about this!

 I got this beautiful opal necklace at the craft show. I have been told they are bad luck, but also been told they are for divine feminine energy and bring inspiration. I will take that! 

 The next day at the beach I had a big salad I made with broccoli sprouts, peppers, mixed greens and scallions. I also had coconut water and raw pizza crackers.

 For dinner we ordered sushi. I had a platter of vegan rolls that were so good!

 The next morning it was time to head home! I made avocado toast on gluten free bread with vegan "bacums". 

 When we got home we headed to the local garden center to pick out organic veggies for our garden!

 Time to plant! Little A loves this part!

 All set! Can't wait to enjoy cucumbers, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes in the near future!

 The next day was Memorial Day, the girls were very festive! ;)

 We had my sis-in-law, bro-in-law and nieces over for a little BBQ. I made lots of vegan food including a gluten free pasta salad. I will be sharing this recipe soon!


 Here is my delicious plate of food: veggie kabobs, macaroni salad, asparagus and a Hilary's veggie burger on a lettuce wrap with tomato, onions, mustard and kraut.

 My sis-in-law made vegan gluten free sugar cookies! YUM!

 And they also brought a beautiful fruit platter! 




This was a perfect unofficial kick off of Summer! :) XO


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