10 Years on a Vegan Diet.. Blood Test Results!

June 8, 2016

This was too good not to share! I had blood work last week and check out these results!




Anyone who thinks it's hard to get the right nutrients and meet your needs while eating vegan, talk to me! My levels are all in range (on the high end in some places) so I just have to brag a little! ;)

For those wondering, I try to spend as much time in the sunlight as possible, but I do use a vitamin d patch that also has k2 and magnesium in it. You can find it here by typing in "Vitamin D patch". This is my affiliate link. 

For B12 I use Garden of Life's spray (for Little A too).

For everything else I use the Garden of Life Raw Prenatal and for Omegas I use Omega Zen3 + EPA.

My iron levels were also in range but I had forget to add that one. For iron, I use nettle tea for the water in my smoothies a few times a week and also black strap molasses.


I would post the entire thing, but I felt the focus on these nutrients is usually the case when eating vegan. 


Personally, I find my numbers are best when I am eating a balanced vegan plant based diet. By balanced I mean, I don't focus on eating all raw, high raw, low fat, high fat, low carb, high carb, all fruit, no fruit, etc. This way of eating has proven to be best for me and my body. Everyone is different, but I do suggest having a yearly blood test done. Being too restrictive and not taking supplements where needed can cause deficiencies down the road and long term issues (trust me, I have a few friends who had this issue before adding more balance to their vegan diet). 




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