My Fruity Collection

June 10, 2016

Well, it's no secret that I love clothing with fruit (or veggies) on them. Most of the clothing I purchase now a days are for my girls, and likewise most clothing with fruits/veggies on them are for kids. So whenever I spot something, I have to get it! Lucky for me, Target carries a lot of fruity clothing and once in awhile so does Marshalls, so I am always getting a good deal! Today I am sharing some recent (as of the past 6 months or so) clothing I have purchased or received (everyone knows I love fruity clothes!) for the girls. Most of it is for the Summer and that's when I can usually find the most.

 Matching watermelon bathing suits I found at Target. They had these during the Winter so I figured they would throw them on sale eventually but I didn't want to miss out on the sizes. One week they finally had buy one bathing suit and get the other half off. Score!

 Fruity capri's for Little A.

 This was a Christmas gift for Baby S. My Mom got it on Amazon.

 Found this sparkly pineapple shirt for Little A, recently at Marshalls. 

 Strawberry dress for Baby S.

 Fruity outfit from Target for Baby S.

 This was another item that I waited to go on sale but at Whole Foods. The funny thing is, it went on sale and I got it for Baby S' Easter basket and then a few weeks later they got the same print but in a romper! UGH! Now I want that! HA ha!

 Matching strawberries for the girls. Another item I waited to go on sale at Target. 


 Onesie for Baby S from Target.


 Found this AWESOME bird feeder last weekend at Home Goods for only $6.99!!

 Finally, my new phone cover because Baby S broke my old one. I got this on Amazon. 



Happy Fruity Finds! ;)


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